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The "Audiovisual Mathematics Library" is a sophisticated platform built on a corpus of talks given by worldwide mathematicians during their stay at CIRM. This new tool provides the functionalities of a high level search applied to indexed and enriched videos.

This platform is organized around 4 collections

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Three types of audiovisual sources

Single angle : HD - 1 camera - static shot.

Multi angle   : HD - 3 cameras - edited while filming

Post-edited  : HD - 3 cameras and post edited - post edited and indexed with keywords and key concepts given by the speaker. These tags enable sequencing and viewing of chosen extracts.

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Martingales in self-similar growth-fragmentations and their applications

Bertoin, Jean (Author of the conference)

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growth-fragmentation / cell systems / Lamperti transformation / branching random walk / martingales / spinal decomposition / what are $Y^+$ and $Y^-$? / many to one, extinction time / one parameter family / questions of the audience /

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