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The "Audiovisual Mathematics Library" is a sophisticated platform built on a corpus of talks given by worldwide mathematicians during their stay at CIRM. This new tool provides the functionalities of a high level search applied to indexed and enriched videos.

This platform is organized around 4 collections

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Three types of audiovisual sources

Single angle : HD - 1 camera - static shot.

Multi angle   : HD - 3 cameras - edited while filming

Post-edited  : HD - 3 cameras and post edited - post edited and indexed with keywords and key concepts given by the speaker. These tags enable sequencing and viewing of chosen extracts.

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Interview at CIRM: Pavel Exner

Exner, Pavel (Interviewee)

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What made you choose math? Who tempted you to become a mathematician? When did you decide that it would become your profession? Your first mathematical memories...? Mathematical shock wave? Which areas of mathematics do you focus on? Your first 'Eurekâ moment'...? And the latest one? How do you feel about being here at Cirm? What is the role of the EMS President? What is the most challenging part of job? What are the challenges ahead for the EMS? And your biggest ambition for EMS during your mandate? What is the position of European mathematics in the world? Our strenghts? Our weaknesses? Our challenges? What should be our relationship with non-European research partners? What are the EMS chaleenges or policies for women in mathematics? Cirm wants to give more visibility to women mathematicians. More women speakers, more of them filmed. What do you think about this aim? We want to develop interactions at Cirm between maths and other sciences, and also knowledge exchanges with industry and socio-economic fields, etc. What do you think about that? What do you think about France application to organize ICM 2022?

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