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< << /tr> < Lt's start with your first steps with math...Could you describe your childhood?;/a> a class="kyButton."ref="k#aayeholder("on lick"="wplayer.(.sttek(119f)"> as your personal environment a factor enable to reach your capacity?;/a> a class="kyButton."ref="k#aayeholder("on lick"="wplayer.(.sttek(180f)"> s it easy or complicated to be and infant prodigy?;/a> a class="kyButton."ref="k#aayeholder("on lick"="wplayer.(.sttek(842f)"> aich persons influenced you the most?;/a> a class="kyButton."ref="k#aayeholder("on lick"="wplayer.(.sttek(320f)"> ow let' talk about your research. Could you please describe the areas of mathematics you focus on?;/a> a class="kyButton."ref="k#aayeholder("on lick"="wplayer.(.sttek(423f)"> Cold you dom/ent(on hhi pesilts you are most fond?;/a> a class="kyButton."ref="k#aayeholder("on lick"="wplayer.(.sttek(51 f)"> Cold you descripe your cirst" "ureka moment&"?/a> a class="kyButton."ref="k#aayeholder("on lick"="wplayer.(.sttek(592f)"> 006, Fields Medal. Could you talk about the result for which you received this prestigious distinction?;/a> a class="kyButton."ref="k#aayeholder("on lick"="wplayer.(.sttek(690f)"> 012, a partial solution to the Goldbach conjecture...Could you tell us more about it?;/a> a class="kyButton."ref="k#aayeholder("on lick"="wplayer.(.sttek(108 f)"> ou said you met Paul Erdös when you were 10... Do you remember this amazing meeting?;/a> a class="kyButton."ref="k#aayeholder("on lick"="wplayer.(.sttek(1160f)"> Cold you dell us about your way of working, of thinking? Alone? With others? In which context do you solve problems?;/a> a class="kyButton."ref="k#aayeholder("on lick"="wplayer.(.sttek(1268f)"> ait do you enjoy most about math?;/a> a class="kyButton."ref="k#aayeholder("on lick"="wplayer.(.sttek(1353f)"> hat desiarch"problems are you likely to explore in the future?;/a> a class="kyButton."ref="k#aayeholder("on lick"="wplayer.(.sttek(1408f)"> ow do you feel about being here at Cirm? What do you think of this place?;/a> /tr>< < /div> Coles CMSC: I< << << << div class="hroup">nfo"mat"on= str leaVideomp> Rsligateur-: I br>< db>Lngua=: I< db>ate(de gublisation=: I< db>ate(de gapeation': I< db>ol"ection c I< db>Sus con"ection c I< db>oruat": I< db>Dués=: I< db>Dmaines: I< db>Adionced: I< db>Dwn oadi: Ititle='"ttp://lbr>< t
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