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We show that surfaces arising as canonical covers of Enriques and bielliptic surfaces do not have any non-trivial Fourier­Mukai partner, extending result of Sosna for complex surfaces. This is a joint work with K. Honigs and L. Lombardi.

14F05 ; 14J28 ; 14G17 ; 14K12

Multi angle  Cohomology jump loci and singularities
Budur, Nero (Auteur de la Conférence) | CIRM (Editeur )

Cohomology jump loci of local systems generalize the Milnor monodromy eigenvalues. We address recent progress on the local and global structure of cohomology jump loci. More generally, given an object with a notion of cohomology theory, how can one describe all its deformations subject to cohomology constraints? We give an answer in terms of differential graded Lie algebra pairs. This is joint work with Botong Wang.

14B05 ; 14F05

We show that all subvarieties of a quotient of a bounded symmetric domain by a sufficiently small arithmetic group are of general type.

14D07 ; 14F05 ; 14K10 ; 11G18

Multi angle  $D$-modules and $p$-curvatures
Esnault, Hélène (Auteur de la Conférence) | CIRM (Editeur )

We show relations between rigidity of connections in characteristic 0 and nilpotency of their $p$-curvatures (a consequence of a conjecture by Simpson and of a generalization of Grothendieck's $p$-curvature conjecture).
Work in progress with Michael Groechenig.

14D05 ; 14E20 ; 14F05 ; 14F35 ; 14G17

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