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This is joint with Adrian Langer. Let $X$ be a smooth complex projective variety. We show that every rigid integral irreducible representation $ \pi_1(X,x) \to SL(3,\mathbb{C})$ is of geometric origin, i.e. it comes from a family of smooth projective varieties. The underlying theorem is a classification of VHS of type $(1,1,1)$ using some ideas from birational geometry.

14F35 ; 14D07 ; 58E20 ; 22E40

Multi angle  $D$-modules and $p$-curvatures
Esnault, Hélène (Auteur de la Conférence) | CIRM (Editeur )

We show relations between rigidity of connections in characteristic 0 and nilpotency of their $p$-curvatures (a consequence of a conjecture by Simpson and of a generalization of Grothendieck's $p$-curvature conjecture).
Work in progress with Michael Groechenig.

14D05 ; 14E20 ; 14F05 ; 14F35 ; 14G17

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