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Multi angle  Some open 3-manifolds
Besson, Gérard (Auteur de la Conférence) | CIRM (Editeur )

We present some interesting examples of dimension-3 open manifolds whose Riemannian geometry is far from being understood. This also gives us an opportunity to study several questions relating to the existence of "good" Riemannian metrics on those manifolds. Some of these examples are open sets of the 3-sphere.

57M50 ; 53C21

Multi angle  Variations on an example of Hirzebruch
Stover, Matthew (Auteur de la Conférence) | CIRM (Editeur )

In '84, Hirzebruch constructed a very explicit noncompact ball quotient manifold in the process of constructing smooth projective surfaces with Chern slope arbitrarily close to 3. I will discuss how this and some closely related ball quotients are useful in answering a variety of other questions. Some of this is joint with Luca Di Cerbo.

14M27 ; 32Q45 ; 57M50

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