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H 1 Interview at CIRM: Marc Peigné

Auteurs : Peigné , Marc (Personne interviewée)
CIRM (Editeur )

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What are the goals of the SMF? What is the link between the SMF and the well-known CIRM (the International Center for Mathematical Events)? What about the French delegation at ICM 2014 in Seoul? What about SMF and public awareness of mathematics?

Résumé : Marc Peigné is the President of the French Mathematical Society (SMF) since June 2013.
The French Mathematical Society, Société Mathématique de France, was founded in 1872 although moves towards the creation of the Society began two years earlier. It was created for defending and promoting mathematics and mathematicians. From the year after the Society was founded the Society has published the Bulletin de Société Mathématique de France which intends to be one of the greatest international journals through its rigorous scientific policy. It also makes sure that it includes a lot of young researchers' work. The Society also publishes Mémoires de Société Mathématique de France. To celebrate its centenary the Society began publishing the journal Astérisque. It is a top-level international journal. It publishes various monographs, renowned seminars or reports of the main international colloquiums .... The articles are chosen for their ability to show a research branch under a new perspective. Each volume deals with only one subject. The whole annual collection covers all the different fields of mathematics. The Revue d'Histoire des mathématiques began publication in 1995. It contains original articles studying the history of mathematics from the 17th century onwards. There are many examples on ongoing cooperation between the Society and the French Applied and Industrial Mathematical Society. Together they promote the public awareness of mathematics, trying to raise the profile of the subject with the general public. They also cooperate on reports on the teaching of mathematics and together provide information on mathematics jobs in teaching and universities.

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