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H 1 Interview at CIRM: Herwig Hauser

Auteurs : Hauser, Herwig (Personne interviewée)
CIRM (Editeur )

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Herwig, you've almost finish your semester, holding the Jean-Morlet Chair. What were your main reasons for applying? What is the scientific content of your semester, which is jointly organized locally with Guillaume Rond? At the end of your semester, could you assess the scientific activities you organized? Did you reach your goals? What are the benefits of this semester for Aix-Marseille, the students here, other researchers and for yourself? Which were the great scientific moments? The leading event of this semester? You also had the exceptional presence of Michael Artin, didn't you? How did your Jean Morlet Chair semester bring scientific progress? Tell us about the special Imaginary event organized by CIRM and the JM Chair in the old harbour of Marseille… As a foreign researcher, how have you managed to become part of an unknown environment and to work with a community that is not yours? Can you tell us about your plans after the Chair? You're a traveller, having left Austria. What are your views on Marseille? You're right in the centre of this special scientific concept focusing on one semester, in charge of a chair on one site. What's your feedback on this? Do the location of CIRM and the working conditions here favor exchanges?

Résumé : Herwig Hauser (Chair) and Guillaume Rond (Local Project Leader) held a Jean Morlet semester at CIRM from mid January to mid July 2015. Their scientific programme focused on 'Artin Approximation and Singularity Theory'. Artin Approximation concerns the solvability of algebraic equations in spaces of formal, convergent or algebraic power series. The classical version asserts that if a formal solution exists, then there also exists a convergent, hence analytic, and even algebraic solution which approximates the formal solution up to any given degree. As such, the theorem is instrumental for numerous constructions in algebraic geometry, commutative algebra and recursion theory in combinatorics. A series is Nash or algebraic if it is algebraic over the polynomials. Nash series can be codified by polynomial data deduced from the minimal polynomial by the normalization of the respective algebraic hypersurface. This makes them computable. The field has seen renewed activity through the recent research on Arc Spaces, Motivic Integration and Infinite Dimensional Geometry. Important questions remain still unanswered (nested subring case, composition problems, structure theorems for the solution sets) and were investigated during the program. Fruitful interchanges with the singularity theory, the combinatorics and the algebraic geometry groups took place. The scientific program was complemented by an exhibition of algebraic surfaces in the city of Marseille, based on the very successful "Imaginary" program designed by Hauser for the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach.
CIRM - Chaire Jean-Morlet 2015 - Aix-Marseille Université

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Nom de la rencontre : Jean-Morlet Chair / Chaire Jean-Morlet
Organisateurs de la rencontre : Hauser, Herwig ; Rond, Guillaume
Dates : 25/01/15 - 30/06/15
Année de la rencontre : 2015
URL Congrès : http://hauser-rond.weebly.com/

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