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H 1 Interview at CIRM: Dipendra Prasad

Auteurs : Prasad, Dipendra (Personne interviewée)
CIRM (Editeur )

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Why do you do mathematics? Could you tell us about yourself as a mathematician, about your research and your collaborations with the French mathematical community? And with local mathematicians? During your Chair? Could you describe your research? You've almost finished your semester, as holder of the Jean-Morlet Chair. What were your main reasons for applying? What is the scientific content of your semester, which is jointly organized locally with Volker Heiermann? Jean-Morlet Chair is supported by Cirm (SMF - CNRS), the City of Marseille and Aix-Marseille Université. Did you get any other funding? For you, which were the greatest scientific moments? Prestigious guests? The leading event of this semester? Did you reach your goals? In what way did your Jean-Morlet Chair semester bring scientific progress? Can you tell us about your plans after the Chair? Will there be a publication emerging from this semester in the Springer-Société Mathématique de France co-édition? How do you feel about being here at Cirm? What do you think about the place? Cirm is now your home, and you chose to live in the house provided onsite. Did you enjoy that?

Résumé : Jean-Morlet Chair 2016: Cirm is delighted to welcome Dipendra Prasad (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai) and Volker Heiermann (I2M Marseille) for six months.
Five scientific events are scheduled at CIRM between January and June 2016 and a range of worldwide guests will be invited over this period.
CIRM - Chaire Jean-Morlet 2016 - Aix-Marseille Université

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    Réalisateur : Vareilles, Stéphanie ; Hennenfent, Guillaume
    Langue : Anglais
    Date de publication : 04/07/16
    Date de captation : 29/06/16
    Collection : Outreach ; Mathematics Education and Popularization of Mathematics
    Sous collection : Les interviews du CIRM
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    Durée : 00:28:36
    Domaine : Mathematics Education & Popularization of Mathematics
    Audience : Grand Public
    Download : https://videos.cirm-math.fr/2016-06-29_ITW_Prasad.mp4

Informations sur la rencontre

Nom de la rencontre : Jean-Morlet Chair: Semester on 'Relative aspects in representation theory, Langlands functoriality and automorphic forms'
Organisateurs de la rencontre : Prasad, Dipendra ; Heiermann, Volker
Dates : 01/01/16 - 30/06/16
Année de la rencontre : 2016
URL Congrès : http://prasad-heiermann.weebly.com/

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DOI : 10.24350/CIRM.V.19012703
Cite this video as: Prasad, Dipendra (2016). Interview at CIRM: Dipendra Prasad. CIRM. Audiovisual resource. doi:10.24350/CIRM.V.19012703
URI : http://dx.doi.org/10.24350/CIRM.V.19012703